Intuitive Tool

A custom piece (Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Cats Eye, Agate, Super Seven and 925 Sterling Silver

All pendulums, necklaces, malas, and bracelets are channeled to

facilitate a deeper connection with and integration of one’s intuitive

abilities. A way to exercise and explore new states of self

-empowerment and equilibrium. The properties of each crystal

channeled in a numeric pattern and sequence, makes a powerful

combination that can be used as a tool. Similar to the way a carpenter

would use a hammer to build home, a foundation, so can these tools

be used to aid in development and balance to strengthen our inner

foundation. To discover and explore a channeled message from your

intuitive tool, look to Numerology, Angel Numbers, properties of each

crystal and your own intuitive knowing. Each tool holds a powerful

vibration and can act as a guide to aid in ones-clear intention, it’s

recommended to program your own intention after activation. The

clear intention that I set in channeling these tools is that whoever holds

one, may it bring them into their heart, that it guide and

aid them in making contact, connection and developing communication

with their intuitive senses, guides or inner world. Each custom piece

can be use your in meditation, as a pendulum, in any spiritual

healing practices. It’s recommend to follow your inspiration and create

your own ways to use your intuitive tool. Here’s to exercising your


Real crystals.

One of the ways you can connect with an intuitive tool is through its crystals. Each tool is unique to the types of crystals used. Each crystal, through its properties, can support a person in different ways. Like Rainbow Obsidian is believed to be a stone of clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension. Obsidian is also known for encouraging personal growth. Ultimately you will discover and tune into the different ways to use your intuitive piece, the crystals will give you the message in one form or several!

Synchronicity in numbers.

Each tool is intuitively designed with a sequence of numbers. The numbers in your chosen tool(s) can connect you to many forms of synchronicity like numerology, angel numbers or patterns in nature and consciousness.

Consciousness in creation.

I offer commissioned custom, as well as premade intuitive jewelry. I will create the tool that best serves you and your lifes purpose!Contact me, Detrich, for selection and pricing. 801.610.9072 or