” These intuitive tools are more then just a tool, it will match and elevate its caretaker’s frequency. “

Each intuitive tool is channeled resulting in a highly individualized creation with a specific number of beads and twist in the wrapping. The specific channeled meaning for you can be discovered through Numerology, Angel Numbers and your own Intuitive Senses. Each tool holds a powerful vibration and intention for you and will assist you in making contact, connection and communication with your intuitive senses or via Ancestors, Angels, and Ascended Masters. Use your personal sacred tool in meditation, as a pendulum, spiritual healing practices or follow your inspiration and create your own ceremonial methods.


Commissioned custom healing tools are welcome. We will create the tool that best serves your purpose!

Thank you for stopping by to see the new Intuitive Tools and for supporting small businesses! While this website is being updated, this blog is the first introduction to the INTUITIVE TOOLS brand jewelry.

Contact for selection and pricing!


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