Hello world, welcome to Detrich Hay’s new blog Insights of Natural Frequency!


Welcome to Insights Of Natural Frequency!



My name is Detrich Hay, and I welcome you to my blog (Insights of Natural Frequency) and my new website detrichhay.com! Both mediums offer information that will inspire a more heightened experience with your own intuitive faculties. Both mediums offer options to assist you with your personal endeavors of spiritual connection and expansion.

I manifested this blog with the following intention: that no matter who attracts this information, or no matter what level of spiritual growth they’re at, they’d find what they’re looking for and discover seeds planted within that are ready to surface and blossom. Each post will inspire new thoughts and awareness’s and ways to approach one’s relationship with one’s own energy and how that affects all outward experiences. I hold space in honor of you stepping into your power and I appreciate your part in attracting this information and experience. I appreciate that you’ve been guided here through synchronicity and the cosmic flow of life.

The human experience, first and foremost, is a vibrational experience that is translated through emotions, people, places, things and events. It’s not only a translation of vibration but also simultaneously a metaphysical experience of self-transcendence. Intuition represents a stage in this experience.

My first intuitive experiences came in my youth. I was able to hear beyond the ears! I later learned that was clairaudience which opened me to new potential within myself and also in my life experience. I remember my grandparents were very instrumental in giving me the tools to discover my gifts. I first had to accept my gifts as a fundamental truth, then allow them to unfold, and then for me to acclimate to them. To date, my gifts have expanded to include clairvoyance, an intuitive knowing, and clairsentience, a clear sensing or feeling. I use them to assist people with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing as well as expansion.

I look forward to our encounters through reading my blog and through any of my services to which you are guided. I see all rendezvous as sacred events, I welcome those and I welcome you and yours!




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