Intuitive Tool

Trust in the synchronicity of your experience.

Each intuitive tool is channeled resulting in a highly individualized creation with a specific number of beads and twist in the wrapping. The specific channeled meaning for you can be discovered through Numerology, Angel Numbers and your own Intuitive Senses. Each tool holds a powerful vibration and intention for you and will assist you in making contact, connection and communication with your intuitive senses or via Ancestors, Angels, and Ascended Masters. Use your personal sacred tool in meditation, as a pendulum, spiritual healing practices or follow your inspiration and create your own ceremonial methods.

Real crystals.

Smoky Quartz

One of the ways you can connect with an intuitive tool is through its crystals. Each tool is unique with the types of crystals used. Each crystal brings different uses to the table like smoky quartz supporting you in cleansing energies around you. Ultimately you discover and tune into what those actual uses are. The crystals will let you know in one form or many.

Synchronicity in numbers.

Each tool is intuitively designed with synchronicity in numbers. This supports in your awareness of synchronicity of numbers in your experience. The numbers in your chosen tool(s) can connect you to many forms of synchronicity like numerology, angel numbers or patterns in nature and consciousness.

Consciousness in creation.

The intuitive tool is created through meditation and guidance. Requests for custom-made intuitive tools are welcomed. These will be handcrafted through tuning and alignment to your energies. But there is a selection of intuitive tools already made and one may already be the perfect one for you. Contact me, Detrich, for selection and pricing. 801.610.9072 or