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Whether this year fills you with joy or brings more challenges, here’s a suggestion, treat yourself and or someone special to one of Detrich’s amazing, life altering 1 to 2 hour sessions in person, by telephone or through Skype.

Detrich offers Energy Healing, Reiki, Oracle/Tarot Card Readings, Medium Readings, Energy Readings, Intuitive Guidance, Intuitive Coaching (youth and adults). Including house clearing and blessings for those who wish to sell their home or are moving into a new space with the desire to bring harmony and peace to it.
Detrich uses natural healing systems as a process of guiding life force energy to realign the energy centers of the body and to expands one’s spiritual understanding of the world around, as well as within them. He assists with turning obstacles into opportunities, clearing old energies and programs that feed emotional pain, anxiety, and negativity through addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of healing. This offers insight to powerful revelations on a mental and physical plane, as well as open new pathways of expansion or change in times of challenging or flourishing life events.
This content is intended to be used for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommended, but can be used along with any treatment recommended. Go to www.detrichhay.com for contact and scheduling!

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There are two convenient locations in Salt Lake Valley where you can feel safe and comfortable to begin your guided energy services.

South Jordan

420 West Cadbury Drive, South Jordan UT 84095

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230 East 10430 South, Sandy Utah 84075

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``The way Detrich communicates astounds me. The purity of the messages and how he translates them in such a way that speaks to my soul is nothing short of freaking awesome.``

Audra Harris Client

“A friend of mine one day told me that Detrich Hay is the “real deal.” I already knew that because I’ve been getting “readings, or spiritual guidance, or intuitive channeling” from Detrich for the last two years. He proceeded to relay the instructions Spirit was conveying. It directly related to a struggle I was having as I grieved for my late husband. The message was so profound I cried. It was exactly what I needed to hear and that is true each time we have had a spiritual session. Thank you, Detrich! My life is richer for knowing you and experiencing your gifts.“

Kevin Miller Client

“I have met Detrich twice and can honestly say that I've learned quite a bit about myself from our sessions. New ways to see myself and see this life. I highly recommend him.“

Michael John Will Jr. Client